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[LBN014] MeDo's Little Trap - "Medicine Sound"

Published March 17, 2012

Medo's little trap is a container, an imaginary collective, whose only composer and permanent member, tries to hide in order to come across only as a pure musical act.
The idea of the collective dates back to 2010. The musical production took shape in 2008. Actually the record project involves the publication of a full album, but since self-production requires a very long time, the collective/non-collective decided to release in the meantime a 4 tracks EP: Medicine Sound. A medicine sound against humanity that screams and shouts. A small work which is like a whisper, re-discovering the basic things to say. A delicate work, between electro-pop, acoustic ballads and symphonic bewilderment.

La bel netlabel
Medo's Little Trap


Reviewer: La bèl netlabel - Quality Label - - April 27, 2012
Subject: REVIEWS

The Breakfast Jumpers (03 April 2012)…"nessuna medicina ha mai avuto sapore tanto divino.”

Oir para creer (02 April 2012)…“Un trabajo de canciones pop delicadas.”

tonmagnet (20 March 2012)…“So minimalistisch aber doch so tiefgründig. Genauso verhält es sich mit der Musik, die mit kleinen Schritten, die Zuneigung des Hörers gewinnen möchte.”
Reviewer: Drizzi - - March 27, 2012
Subject: NetMusic Life review
"A photography of a perfect pop..." - NetMusic Life review here. (Italian)